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Prosecutors want tighter rules for diversion program
The southern California lawyer was a compulsive gambler who misappropriated about $90,000 from his clients. When the State Bar charged him with misconduct – after he repaid his clients – he was admitted to the bar's alternative discipline program (ADP), where he underwent treatment for his gambling compulsion.

Three are running for bar presidency
Three third-year members of the State Bar Board of Governors announced last month they will seek the presidency of the 210,000-member organization.

Broad opposition to insurance disclosure
In the face of widespread opposition to proposed rules that would require California lawyers to tell their clients if they carry malpractice insurance, a State Bar task force has revised its recommendation – barely.

February bar exam pass rate dips to 36.8 percent
Only 36.8 percent of the would-be lawyers who took the February bar exam passed, the lowest pass rate in three years, the Committee of Bar Examiners announced last month.

George DavisGeorge Davis named to State Bar board
Los Angeles media entrepreneur George O. Davis was appointed to the State Bar Board of Governors last month by Gov. Schwarzenegger. A veteran in the broadcast, cable, cinema and satellite services world, Davis said he believes lawyers hold a unique public trust, and he wants to remind fellow board members of its importance.

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