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Judge John E. Dobroth

Dual passions — juvenile justice and
high jumping — guide Ventura judge’s life

For Ventura Superior Court Judge John E. Dobroth, high jumping is a passion. Once ranked fifth in high jumping in the world, Dobroth has been competing for nearly five decades and, at age 63, is still at it.

Audits loom for lawyers who scaled bar dues
More than 20,000 active California lawyers who scaled their dues this year will receive a letter from the State Bar asking them to be certain they were eligible to reduce their fees and, if not, to pay the difference.

Nov. 15: New rules for out-of-state lawyers
In April, the California Supreme Court approved new rules to allow out-of-state attorneys to practice in California under limited circumstances.

Unsolicited commercial electronic mail

CAN-SPAM really be stopped?
Unsolicited commercial electronic mail — commonly called “spam” — is the bane of today’s electronic existence. As long ago as 1999, a Gartner Group survey found that 83 percent of respondents disliked spam, 14 percent were neutral and only 3 percent liked spam.

James Herman

Ex-bar president Herman named
to Judicial Council

Chief Justice Ronald George appointed former State Bar President James Herman and four others to the California Judicial Council last month. Herman, a partner with Reicker, Pfau, Pyle, McRoy & Herman of Santa Barbara, led the bar in 2002-03 after serving three years on the board of governors.

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