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Dog bites tenant’s face
Award: $65,000

An apartment manager’s chow bit a tenant on the face, causing loss of 25 percent of her upper lip (Raper v. Hunstable, Stanislaus County Superior Court).

Car strikes pedestrian
Award: $2,900,000

A rental car hit a pedestrian as she was crossing an intersection in the crosswalk (Clem-mons v. DelCastillo, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Students bring class action
Award: $1,337,056

California State University students claimed that their housing agreements were breached by adjacent major construction (Ser-viss v. Humboldt State University, Humboldt County Superior Court).

Guest hurt at Disneyland
Award: Defense

A guest riding the Space Mountain attraction at Disneyland claimed he sustained a boutonniere deformity of his finger in an accident (Rivera v. Disneyland, Orange County Superior Court).

Insurance bad faith found
Award: $18,647,379

Tosco Corp. claimed bad faith by its insurer in denying coverage to an additional insured (Tosco

Corp. v. New Hampshire Insurance Co., Sacramento County Superior Court).

Slip/fall at nursing home
Award: $486,000

A nursing home visitor who slipped on the carpet claimed spinal stenosis surgery was necessary (Kastanos v. Berkeley Long-Term Care Co., Alameda County Superior Court).

Disability benefits denied
Award: $2,527,334

An insurer denied disability benefits to a policyholder diagnosed with breast cancer (Hale v. Provident Life & Accident Insurance Co., Contra Costa County Supe-rior Court).

Malpractice claimed
Award: $460,000

A patient claimed injury to a lumbar nerve root during a diagnostic lumbar puncture performed by a neurologist (Rodocker v. Woan, San Joaquin County Superior Court).

Conflict over access
Award: Defense

A lawsuit was brought to claim the public’s unrestricted right-of-way through a gated community (King v. Wood, Contra Costa County Superior Court).

Office building valued at $1
Award: $3,500,000

A redevelopment agency tried to acquire a downtown Oakland office building for the sum of $1 (Redevelopment Agency of the City of Oakland v. Martin, San Francisco County Superior Court).

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