California Bar Journal
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Bills Signed by Gov. Gray Davis in 2001
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AB 830 (Cohn) - Senior Legal Hotline
Appropriates $50,000 to the Department of Aging to establish a task force to pursue the concept of statewide hotlines for senior legal services.

AB 913 (Steinberg) - Pro Bono
Requires a contract with the state for legal services that exceed $50,000 to certify that the contracting law firm agrees to provide a specified minimum number of hours of pro bono legal services in the fiscal year.

AB 935 (Hertzberg) - Public Interest Attorney Loan Forgiveness Program
Establishes the Public Interest Attorney Loan Forgiveness Program for licensed attorneys who practice or agree to practice in public interest areas of the law, as determined by the Student Aid Commission (but specifically including practicing with a legal services organization, prosecuting attorney's office, or criminal public defender association or program).

SB 817 (Johnson) - State Bar: Examination Procedures and Requirements
State Bar-sponsored bill making changes in the law relating to the eligibility of individuals to take the general bar examination and the attorneys' examination.

AB 1083 (Bates) - Paralegals
Requires that a person hold him- or herself out to be a paralegal in order to be considered a paralegal, and would exclude persons performing certain law-related tasks or jobs from the definition of "paralegal" if the individual in question performs in the employ of a lawyer or law firm and under the direction and supervision of a member of the State Bar. Also specifically exempts qualified legal services programs (under the Federal LSC Act) from some of the restrictions contained in the predecessor legislation (AB 1761 of 1999).

SB 1194 (Romero) - Improved Remedies for Victims of UPL; Immigration Consultants
Allows persons victimized by unauthorized practitioners of law to be awarded damages in the amount of loss and to obtain equitable relief in an enforcement action brought in the name of the people of the State of California by the Attorney General, a district attorney, or a city attorney acting as a public prosecutor. Also amends the Immigration Consultant Act to make it unlawful for a person to disseminate a statement indicating that he or she acts or proposes to act as an immigration consultant without having filed a bond.

SB 1218 (Romero) - Class Action Residuals: Allocate to California Consumers
Revises the distribution standard under current law to specify that that any residue of a total award not distributed to class members in a class action suit be paid to nonprofit organizations or foundations to support projects that will benefit the class or similarly situated persons, or that promote the law consistent with the objectives and purposes of the underlying cause of action, to child advocacy programs or to nonprofit organizations providing civil legal services to the indigent. The bill also repeals the statute authorizing creation of a California Legal Corps, an entity which was never formed due to absence of funding.