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Front Page - September 1998
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Need info about bar members? Look on the net
Western State law school wins provisional approval for ABA accreditation
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You Need to Know
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From the President - A privilege gone awry
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In defense of opinion
Thomas can think as he chooses
Time to drain the 'BOG'
Let's build a stronger forum
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Letters to the Editor
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Trials Digest
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Legal Tech - 10 reasons to ignore 2000 problem
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New Products & Services
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Law Practice - When mediating, let your imagination run loose
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MCLE Self-Study
The Internet and Global Implications
Self-Assessment Test
MCLE Calendar of Events
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Ethics Byte - 'He said, she said' rule for sex
Attorney disbarred after investing client's assets
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Annual Meeting
Did you know these Monterey Peninsula facts?
Scenic, legal visions on the menu
Four vie to lead embattled State Bar
11 seek five seats on bar board
District 2: Three-way race in capital and environs
District 4: Unopposed in San Francisco, Albers is ready
District 7, Office 1: 3 seek southern seat...
District 7, Office 2: ...and also in Los Angeles...
District 3: Two-way race develops in South, East Bay region


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Pontiac’s seat collapses
Award: $513,403

The seatback of a Pontiac Sunbird collapsed in a low-speed collision, causing severe whiplash and concussion (Norris v. General Motors Corp., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Refinery worker burned
Award: $1,800,000

A refinery worker sustained third-degree burns when he stepped into a drain hole filled with boiling oil and water (Diaz v. Irwin Industries Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Sexual harassment claim
Award: $2,090,000

A female sales manager suffered sexual harassment and discrimination in the course of her work in the marble/granite/tile business (Hernandez v. Thasos Corp., Sacramento County Superior Court).

Retaliatory firing by co-op
Award: $1,031,832

A supervisor at a grocery co-op was terminated in retaliation for complaints of fraud, theft and sanitation (Payne v. Certified Grocers of California Ltd., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Cyclist killed on highway
Award: $6,471,242

A motorcyclist was killed when traffic came to a stop due to a motorist’s confusion in a construction zone (Jungsten v. State of California, Sacramento County Superior Court).

Elder abuse claimed
Award: $105,000

An elderly patient who fell at a convalescent hospital claimed the hospital’s acts constituted elder abuse (Swaine v. Palmcrest Medallion Convalescent Hospital, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Groundskeeper bitten
Award: Defense

A groundskeeper who was bitten by the property owner’s dog while working claimed nerve damage and fear of dogs (Reichardt v. Hinz, San Bernardino County Superior Court).

Construction defects
Award: $1,875,000

Developers of townhouses in Benicia were victorious in their lawsuit against subcontractors for construction defects (Parmenter v. Alma Associates, Solano County Superior Court).

Blood machine defect
Award: $9,150,000

A cardiopulmonary bypass machine deprived a 4-year-old of blood flow during surgery, causing ischemic injury (Woods v. Inland Cardiothoracic Surgical Associates, San Bernardino County Superior Court).

Orchard Supply trip/fall
Award: $63,333

A customer tripped over a merchandise display in a hardware store injuring her neck, ribs and knee (McMahon v. Orchard Supply Hardware, Santa Clara County Superior Court).

EDITOR’S NOTE: California Bar Journal publishes this abbreviated summary of important trials in California provided by Trials Digest Publishing Inc. For a free complete trial report on any case listed, call 510/420-1800.