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Washing machine severs youth's arm
Award: $4,360,000

A minor stuck his arm into a washing machine during the spin cycle, causing it to become tangled in clothing and severed (Singletary v. Pellerin Milnor, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Fatal crash in Germany
Award: $875,000

Decedent was killed in a car crash in Germany while riding in a car driven by his employer's son (Frost v. Flynn, Santa Barbara County Superior Court).

Attorneys dispute fees
Award: $1,103,268

Co-counsel disputed the division of fees received following the settlement of class action/unlawful business practices lawsuits (Day v. Mills, Marin County Superior Court).

Firing violates public policy
Award: $500,000

A metal plating company fired an employee due to his complaints regarding compensation and a fire insurance claim (Moore v. Coastline Metal Finishing, Orange County Superior Court).

Teen-ager hit in crosswalk
Award: $20,924,647

A pedestrian suffered severe brain damage/quadriplegia after being struck by a car as he crossed the street (Linares v. Babcock, Tulare County Superior Court).

Dog bites young child
Award: $2,326

A dog with a history of biting children bit a 6-year-old on the upper arm, resulting in scarring and emotional regression (Baddeley v. Johnson, Sonoma County Superior Court).

Excessive force claimed
Award: Defense

Shoplifting suspect claimed civil rights violations/excessive force during his apprehension by Wal-Mart loss control employees (Thomas v. Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Sacramento County Superior Court).

Slip/fall at Kmart
Award: $47,200

A Kmart shopper slipped in a puddle of milk and suffered knee injuries requiring reconstructive surgery (Ortega v. Kmart, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Two electricians burned
Award: $27,327,000

Two electricians suffered extensive burns while handling an unsafely repaired switch in a building owned by Kmart (Kolodziey v. Kmart Corporation, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Insurance bad faith/fraud
Award: $16,983,766

Actions taken by two insurers regarding a life insurance policy were found to constitute breach of contract and fraud (Julie F. v. Royal Maccabees Life Ins. Co., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

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