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Gov. Davis signs 2001 bar fee bill
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The State Bar’s fee bill, extending for one year the bar’s authority to collect $395 from most active lawyers as the annual fee for 2001, was signed by Gov. Gray Davis July 7.

SB 1367, authored by Sen. Adam Schiff, D-Pasadena, and Assembly Speaker Robert Hertzberg, D-Van Nuys, enables the bar to continue its rebuilding efforts after the near shutdown of operations in 1998.

The measure continues the scaling option for attorneys who earn less than $40,000 (a 25 percent discount) or under $25,000 (a 50 percent cut) annually. It also permits a $5 lobbying deduction for lawyers who object to some portion of the bar’s legislative efforts.

“This legislation will enable the State Bar to recruit and retain new employees to rebuild and bolster its disciplinary and consumer protection programs, building a better organization to serve lawyers and consumers alike,” Schiff said.

SB 1367 passed the Assembly on a bipartisan 63-7 vote and had earlier passed the Senate by a vote of 23-12.

The measure is double-joined to SB 1420 by Sen. John Burton, D-San Francisco, meaning it will become effective only if SB 1420 also becomes law. The Burton measure would require the bar to update a workload standards study first conducted in 1991 and make technical changes to the law regarding the operations of the State Bar Court. At press time, SB 1420 was on the Senate floor, awaiting concurrence in Assembly amendments. The bill will be brought up after the legislature returns from its summer recess.