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Trench collapse causes fall
Award: $7,338,322

A subcontractor suffered a herniated disk when a trench collapsed at a construction site (Stringer v. Pacific Gas & Electric Co., San Francisco County Superior Court).

Trip/fall near escalator
Award: $523,770

A woman fractured her shoulder when she tripped on a mat placed at the base of an escalator (Miller v. McClatchy Newspaper, Sacramento County Superior Court).

Red light runner kills man
Award: $6,215,358

Defendant driver ran a red light at a fast rate of speed, colliding with several cars before hitting decedent’s vehicle (Ortega v. Dawes Transport Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Employee hits ‘glass ceiling’
Award: $5,219,020

A female employee of Vons claimed sex discrimination after her demotion from a management position (Rayburn v. The Vons Companies Inc., Orange County Superior Court).

Fraudulent insurance claim
Award: $1,844,184

An insurer sought restitution of benefits paid on a fraudulent disability insurance claim (Provident Life & Accident Insurance Company v. O’Connor, Eastern District Federal Court).

Watercraft found defective
Award: $8,361,000

The loss of ability to steer a Yamaha WaveRunner without applying engine power caused an accident in which plaintiff was rendered paraplegic (Cuenllas v. Yamaha Motor Corp., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

False imprisonment claim
Award: Defense

A salesman claimed that Wal-Mart did not have probable cause to detain him and that it encouraged his unlawful arrest (Boran v. Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Merced County Superior Court).

Surgery severs tibial nerve
Award: $3,600,950

A surgical procedure to remove a tumor severed a tibial nerve, causing permanent loss of function to the patient’s foot (Kimura v. Regents of the University of California, San Francisco County Superior Court).

Banking career destroyed
Award: $1,104,251

An S&L president claimed the government’s negligence resulted in his employment termination (Pelletier v. Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco, Central District Federal Court).

Book of business dispute
Award: Defense

An insurance brokerage and an independent agent disputed the division and valuation of a book of business (Avila v. Winton Ireland, Stanislaus County Superior Court).

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