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Front Page - July 2001
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News / News Briefs
Two-year fee bill goes to governor
Janet Reno, low-cost MCLE highlight Annual Meeting
Stanley Mosk dies at 88
State Bar wins ABA's Harrison Tweed Award for pro bono, legal access, IOLTA efforts
Foundation will accept grant applications beginning July 16
Winnebago of justice serves those on the road less traveled
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Trials Digest
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Legal Tech - Matter management is not just for litigators
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From the President - Public members bring fresh views
Holding judges accountable
Letters to the Editor
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MCLE Self-Study
Alcohol and the workplace
Self-Assessment Test
MCLE Calendar of Events
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Ethics update...
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You Need to Know
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Public Comment
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Ethics Byte - Level field or a judicial practical joke?
Former DA disbarred for drunken-driving coverup
Attorney Discipline


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TV falls on woman
Award: $2,750,000

A television and shelving fell from a cabinet onto plaintiff's head, causing brain damage. (Confidential v. Confidential, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Noise causes tinnitus
Award: $50,000

Plaintiff claimed that she developed tinnitus as a result of the loud crash of a vehicle through her fence and into her yard where she was standing. (Wooden v. Ravelling, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Bad road causes accident
Award: $4,000,000

Plaintiffs claimed that a dangerous and defective condition of roadway resulted in a fatal accident and severe personal injuries. (Waski v. State of California, Kern County Superior Court).

Student breaks neck
Award: $600,000

A high school student broke his neck and was rendered a partial quadriplegic after seven to nine other students "dog piled" on top of him. (Roe Plaintiff v. Doe School District, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Whistleblower fired
Award: $385,000

A hospital resource director was harassed and fired after complaining to the CEO that it was illegal to base his performance evaluation on how well he "upcoded," a form of Medicare fraud. (Forer v. St. Luke's Hospital, Northern District Federal Court).

Woman suffers foot drop
Award: $80,100

Plaintiff and defendant both claimed to have a green light, with plaintiff suffering "foot drop" for eight months. (Jaimes v. Poliakon, San Bernardino County Superior Court).

Office building defects
Award: $7,800,000

Metropolitan Life claimed that its buildings suffered from water intrusion through walls, columns, decks, windows, soffits and pot shelves. (Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. v. Dinwiddie Construction Co., Orange County Superior Court).

Real estate fraud claimed
Award: Defense

Plaintiff alleged that his dual-agent broker secretly agreed that another prospective purchaser could submit a winning bid on timber land after the offer period had closed. (Paye v. Beitz, Nevada County Superior Court).

Low impact rear-ender
Award: Defense

Plaintiff claimed soft tissue injuries from a very low impact rear-end collision with no visual damage to either vehicle. (Chess v. Van Hulten, Sacramento County Superior Court).

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