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Front Page - March 2002
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News / News Briefs
Midyear meeting will focus on fairness
E-briefs offer bar updates
Three strikes supporter has a change of heart, now wants the law restricted
ABA seeks nominations for three awards
Rule change proposed to protect government whistleblowers
More pamphlets added, translated
Innovation garners awards for 11 courts
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Trials Digest
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Public Comment
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From the President - New era of bar-conference cooperation
Conference of Delegates: A valuable ally
PG&E's plan: A power play
Letters to the Editor
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You Need to Know
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Ethics Byte - Twilight zone cases can make practice tricky
Former deputy DA, convicted of grand theft, is suspended
Attorney Discipline
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MCLE Self-Study
At tax time, modify debt with caution
Self-Assessment Test
MCLE Calendar of Events


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More pamphlets added, translated
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Staff Writer
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The State Bar will launch a full-scale publicity campaign this month to increase the public's awareness of its consumer information pamphlets. The pamphlets provide general information on hiring the right lawyer, getting a divorce, buying a home, using the small claims court, dealing with debts, battling hate crimes, preparing a will and other legal topics.

"The consumer pamphlets are the cornerstone of the State Bar's public education program," said bar executive director Judy Johnson.

"We hope to distribute as many as possible to people around the state who need assistance with everyday problems - from finding the right attorney, to dealing with law enforcement, to handling financial difficulties."

Pamphlet titles available in English and Spanish are: How Can I Find and Hire the Right Lawyer? What Should I Know Before I Rent? How Should I Use the Small Claims Court? What Can I Do If I Can't Pay My Debts? Can the Law Protect Me From Domestic Violence? What Should I Know If I Am Arrested? What Should I Know About Divorce and Custody? What Should I Know If I Have An Auto Accident? What Should I Know Before I Buy A House? Do I Need a Will? Do I Need Estate Planning? and Do I Need a Living Trust?

Titles available only in English are: What Should I Know Before I Sign? What Should I Do If I Am a Crime Victim? What Should I Know About Hate Crimes? and What Should I Do If I Have a Problem With My Lawyer? The bar also is planning to translate other pamphlet titles into Spanish and possibly other languages, such as Chinese, Vietnamese and Arabic.

The bar's pamphlet awareness campaign will be directed to legal, general, ethnic and religious print and electronic media. Pamphlet information also will go directly to libraries, churches, synagogues, temples and mosques; high schools and universities; service, social and community clubs and organizations, and other non-profits groups.

Public service announcements and other promotional material will be developed in English and Spanish for selected radio and television stations in the state's larger media markets.

In addition, State Bar representatives as well as local bar associations will promote the pamphlets in the media and before community organizations. Events to celebrate Law Day on May 1 will provide an opportunity to publicize  the pamphlets.

Aiding in this effort will be speakers from the bar's newly developed speaker's referral service, a group drawn from leading legal experts in academia and public and private practice. An advertising campaign in the general and ethnic press also is under consideration.

The State Bar also continually revises and updates its consumer education  pamphlets on its web site at

The pamphlets are produced by the Office of Media & Information Services in cooperation with the bar's different legal sections and volunteer attorneys from the bar's various committees.

To order one free pamphlet, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope for each single pamphlet. Multiple copies - 2 to 99 copies - are 50 cents each; 100 copies are $40. The price covers printing and shipping costs and cannot be discounted.

If ordering multiple copies, include your name and address, make checks payable to the State Bar of California and mail to 180 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94105. Attn: Pamphlets.

For additional information, call 415/538-2283 or e-mail