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Front Page - March 2002
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News / News Briefs
Midyear meeting will focus on fairness
E-briefs offer bar updates
Three strikes supporter has a change of heart, now wants the law restricted
ABA seeks nominations for three awards
Rule change proposed to protect government whistleblowers
More pamphlets added, translated
Innovation garners awards for 11 courts
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Trials Digest
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Public Comment
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From the President - New era of bar-conference cooperation
Conference of Delegates: A valuable ally
PG&E's plan: A power play
Letters to the Editor
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You Need to Know
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Ethics Byte - Twilight zone cases can make practice tricky
Former deputy DA, convicted of grand theft, is suspended
Attorney Discipline
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MCLE Self-Study
At tax time, modify debt with caution
Self-Assessment Test
MCLE Calendar of Events


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Baby abused
Award: $8.3 million

An infant in foster care was physically abused and alleged that defendant County of Merced Child Protective Services failed to properly investigate several claims of abuse. (Ruff v. County of Merced, Merced County Superior Court.)

Collision with cow
Award: $800,000

A driver was killed when his truck collided with a cow that had escaped its pasture and wandered onto the highway. (Oba-Bower v. State of California, Kern County Superior Court.)

Banking dispute
Award: Defense

A checking account holder claimed that her bank negligently closed one of her accounts, which damaged her credit rating and caused her emotional distress. (Palmeri v. Bank of America, Sacramento County Superior Court.)

Hockey career ended
Award: Nonsuit SOL

A Los Angeles Kings hockey player claimed that he underwent unnecessary surgery, resulting in complications that necessitated a second surgery and multiple blood transfusions, ending his career. (Visheau v. Centinela Hospital, Los Angeles County Superior Court.)

DMV sued
Award: $5.5 million

The family of a man killed by an elderly driver, who had been referred for assessment, sued the Department of Motor Vehicles for breaching its duty to compel the elderly man to take a driving test. (Cromwell v. State of California, Department of Motor Vehicles, San Joaquin County Superior Court.)

Copyright infringement
Award: $110,000

A producer of concert videotapes sued several distributors for copyright infringement and claimed statutory damages. (Clark v. Jalisco Films, Central District Federal Court.)

Liver damage
Award: $819,000

A patient being treated for prostate cancer claimed that he suffered permanent liver damage as a result of taking flutamide medication prescribed by his urologist. (Townsend v. Bender, Los Angeles County Superior Court.)

Golf injury
Award: $150,000

An 8-year-old boy swung a golf club that struck 13-year-old plaintiff in the eye causing strabismus, corrected by surgery. (Brandon v. Khan, Orange County Superior Court.)

Disk bulges
Award: $709,353

A security officer claimed that he suffered disk bulges at when he stepped into a pothole on the grounds of the movie set lot he was patrolling. (Gibson v. Trizec Warner Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court.)

EDITOR'S NOTE: California Bar Journal publishes this abbreviated summary of important trials in California provided by Trials Digest Publishing Inc. For a free complete trial report on any case listed, call 510/420-1800.