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Front Page - April 1999
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Legal specialist exam set Aug. 19
Sullivan to take reins at Stanford Law School
Only two appointed members remaining on State Bar board
Legal services board has five vacancies
Davis taps Michael Kahn
State Bar honors Justice Mosk with Witkin Medal
Board tentatively approves budget based on dues of $384
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If it distracts, so be it
Let's cut back on jury service
Limit bar to admissions and discipline
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From the President - Door to justice must be open
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Letters to the Editor
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Law Practice - Preparing for a successful mediation
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Appointments - Apply to serve on a bar committee
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Legal Tech - DSL speeds up Internet - at a reasonable price
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New Products & Services
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MCLE Self-Study
Taxes and long-term care
Self-Assessment Test
MCLE Calendar of Events
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Trials Digest
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Ethics Byte - Fiduciary duties basis for all rules
Attorney nabbed at State Bar offices for soliciting murders
Attorney Discipline
Ethics for the 21st Century - A canon for the future
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Public Comment
Public comment
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Conflict of interest code

Revisions to Appendix A of the list of designated State Bar employees reflect either job title changes or the deletion of defunct positions and are designed to reflect the current organization of the bar. Recommended revisions of the code reflect statutory changes which have occurred since February 1998.

Source: State Bar Board of Governors Legal Committee

Deadline: April 12

Contact: Francisco Gomez, Office of General Counsel, 555 Franklin St., San Francisco, CA 94102-4498; 415/561-8270

State Bar Rules of Procedure

The board of governors adopted emergency interim amendments which took effect March 15 and address default proceedings for disciplined attorneys. New rule 205 deals with the duration and termination of actual suspension in default proceedings; new rule 206 deals with interlocutory review of orders denying or grant-ing a motion pursuant to rule 205; amendments to rule 200 involve the default procedure for failure to file a timely response; and amendments to rule 201 involve procedures for a respondent's failure to appear as a party at trial. (Full text of the rules is on the bar's web site:

Source: State Bar Board of Governors Committee on Regulation and Discipline

Deadline: June 11

Contact: Scott Drexel, State Bar Court, 180 Howard St., San Francisco, CA 94105-1639; 415/538-2030 or 213/765-1400