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Front Page - April 1999
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Legal specialist exam set Aug. 19
Sullivan to take reins at Stanford Law School
Only two appointed members remaining on State Bar board
Legal services board has five vacancies
Davis taps Michael Kahn
State Bar honors Justice Mosk with Witkin Medal
Board tentatively approves budget based on dues of $384
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If it distracts, so be it
Let's cut back on jury service
Limit bar to admissions and discipline
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From the President - Door to justice must be open
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Letters to the Editor
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Law Practice - Preparing for a successful mediation
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Appointments - Apply to serve on a bar committee
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Legal Tech - DSL speeds up Internet - at a reasonable price
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New Products & Services
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MCLE Self-Study
Taxes and long-term care
Self-Assessment Test
MCLE Calendar of Events
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Trials Digest
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Ethics Byte - Fiduciary duties basis for all rules
Attorney nabbed at State Bar offices for soliciting murders
Attorney Discipline
Ethics for the 21st Century - A canon for the future
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Public Comment


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Dog attacks jogger
Award: $827,368

Defendant's German shepherd attacked and bit plaintiff as she jogged down a sidewalk in Westwood (Korshak v. Bort, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Discrimination claimed
Award: Defense

Ethnic Arab airline passengers claimed that they suffered national origin discrimination on an airline flight (Eliovits v. Southwest Airlines Inc., Northern District Federal Court).

Benefits withheld
Award: $3,206,750

Plaintiffs were deprived of the benefits of their homeowners policy due to Allstate's bad faith claims handling (Lugo v. Allstate Insurance Co., Sacramento County Superior Court).

Concussion not diagnosed
Award: $7,573,000

A student athlete who suffered a head injury suffered partial hemiparesis after a family practitioner failed to diagnose and treat a concussion (Shriber v. Manhattan Beach Unified School District, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Employee privacy invaded
Award: $1,500,000

Plaintiff's photo was taken in a restroom at work and then shown to other employees (Fotiades v. Hi-Tech Painting & Collision Repair Inc., Orange County Superior Court).

Discrimination asserted
Award: Defense

A state agency employee claimed that his employer failed to accommodate his heart condition (Morphis v. California State Department of Developmental Services, Sonoma County Superior Court).

Truck driver killed
Award: $1,435,000

The driver of a water truck was ejected at a sharp curve at the bottom of a steep grade which had no warning signs (Castro v. Baldwin Contracting Co. Inc., Sacramento County Superior Court).

Dental malpractice claim
Award: $894,305

This case is believed to be the largest verdict ever in California for this type of an injury (damage to a lingual nerve) in a dental malpractice case (Delp v. Moody, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Slip and fall in Kmart
Award: $1,127,535

Plaintiff sustained a disk protrusion from slipping in acid from an auto battery left in a store aisle by Kmart employees (Young v. Kmart Corp., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Failure to disclose defects
Award: Defense

The sellers of a four-bedroom home allegedly failed to disclose various defects to the buyers (White v. McLean, Alameda County Superior Court).

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