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Slip/fall at Kmart
Award: $170,000

A woman slipped in a red substance on the floor of the Sunland Kmart, sustaining a concussion and soft tissue injuries (Asatryan v. Kmart Corp., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Railroad conductor injured
Award: $3,383,327

A conductor injured his lower back while trying to throw a defective railroad switch (Pope v. Southern Pacific Transportation Co., Eastern District Federal Court).

Worker falls through floor
Award: $1,145,533

A concrete wall sawer fell through a hole in the floor at an earthquake retrofit project (Shaw v. Rudolph & Sletten, San Mateo County Superior Court).

C-section delay
Award: $2,836,184

The delay in performing a C-section after a fetal heart monitor showed continuing distress caused terminal bradycardia in the baby (Greenleaf v. United States, Southern District Federal Court).

Patent infringement found
Award: $1,015,000

An Ohio corporation infringed on plaintiff's patent for a hand held telecommunication test set (Sunrise Telecom Inc. v. Electrodata Inc., Northern District Federal Court).

Wrongful termination
Award: $3,466,159

The chief probation officer for Lassen County was fired after 35 years of service with excellent evaluations (Dieter v. Lassen County, Eastern District Federal Court).

Wrongful cremation
Award: $700,000

A deceased man's family claimed defendants wrongfully cremated him and caused doubt about the identity of his remains (Podva v. Dendon Service Corp., Tehama County Superior Court).

Machine crushes arm
Award: Defense

A painter's left forearm was crushed when he inadvertently hit the toggle switch arm of a mixing machine (Johnson v. Strong Manufacturing, Shasta County Superior Court).

Dairy animals injured
Award: $1,000,000

An electric switch installed in a dairy barn released current, shocking the cows and decreasing their milk production (Petersen v. Agri-Systems Inc., Sonoma County Superior Court).

Breach claimed
Award: Defense

A trustee claimed the City of Bakersfield breached an oral agreement to ensure plaintiff would receive federal funds for 10 years (Pankey v. City of Bakersfield, Eastern District Federal Court).

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