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Rollover causes paraplegia
Award: $6,781,450

A 28-year-old passenger in a Ford F-150 pickup was rendered paraplegic after the truck was rear-ended and rolled over (Hess v. Ford Motor Co., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Bad faith in quake claim
Award: $1,300,000

Allstate failed to properly adjust homeowner’s claim for damage from Loma Prieta; the house was lost to foreclosure (O’Shea v. Allstate Ins. Co., San Francisco County Superior Court).

Crash injures spinal cord
Award: $8,027,158

A Honda driver sustained a C5-C6 spinal cord injury in a low-impact collision with a tow truck that caused her to lose control of her car (Henline v. Honda Motor Co., San Diego County Superior Court).

Fall from carousel ride
Award: Defense

A visitor to the Humboldt County Fair fell into a space between the platform and the center tower, fracturing her femur (Ramey v. Carnival of Fun Inc., Humboldt County Superior Court).

Disease poorly managed
Award: $1,175,750

A nephrologist’s poor management of nephrotic kidney syndrome led to osteoporosis and congestive heart failure (Garrison v. Ray, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Trade secrets misused
Award: $1,143,000

A phone directory publisher claimed former employees misappropriated trade secrets/

engaged in unfair business practices (Anchor Pub. Inc. v. Farmer Pub., Orange County Superior Court).

Sexual harassment claim
Award: Defense

A 20-year-old woman claimed her 43-year-old employer sexually harassed her and then constructively terminated her (Milum v. Valenti, San Diego County Superior Court).

Explosion burns laborer
Award: $1,256,158

A laborer at a plastics manufacturing plant sustained burns from an explosion of the main distribution electrical panel (Mendez v. Bolt Electric Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Crash kills deputy
Award: $1,500,000

A sheriff’s deputy was killed after hitting diesel fuel on Interstate 5 and colliding with a tractor-trailer (Foster v. State of California, Shasta County Superior Court).

Discrimination claimed
Award: $750,000

A sales representative claimed gender/national origin discrimination in her assignment of territory, as well as constructive termination (Doe v. Doe, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

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