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40 receive Foundation scholarships
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Cupcake Brown finished law school at the University of San Francisco with the help of a scholarship she received from the Foundation of the State Bar in 1999. Addressing this year's scholarship recipients recently, the one-time prostitute and drug addict quoted Winston Churchill in describing the principle that guides her life today: "We make a living by what we earn. We make a life by what we give."

Those words are at the heart of the foundation's philosophy when it considers the qualifications of California law students who apply for a scholarship. In addition to financial need and academic achievement, candidates must demonstrate a commitment to public service.

This year, the foundation awarded scholarships totaling almost $200,000 to 40 law students from 14 California law schools. That brings its total over the past nine years to 220 scholarships amounting to $915,000. The recipients have been enrolled at 24 different schools.

The 2001 winners presented extraordinary resumes of public service. Several founded or coordinated volunteer projects to help the poor, a half-dozen served as presidents of public service organizations, and virtually all served as interns at legal services programs.

Those they helped included victims of domestic violence, the homeless, the disabled, immigrants, disaster victims, individuals infected with HIV, and at-risk children. Other areas of interest ranged from the environment to suicide prevention to international human rights.

The Foundation of the State Bar  seeks and provides funding for programs and projects that educate the public about their rights and responsibilities under the law, encourages ventures that increase access to the legal system for the poor and middle class, and supports law-related causes.

California lawyers may contribute when they pay their bar dues by simply checking off a box on the statement. Last year, attorneys contributed almost $700,000 to the foundation's coffers.

The scholarships are underwritten by corporate sponsors MBNA and UPS.

This year's winners are:

University of California, Berkeley - Boalt Hall

Elisa Della-Piana, $7,500, intern for Workers' Rights Clinic and East Bay Community Law Center - HIV Unit, clerk for Contra Costa County Public Defender's Office and for Coalition on Homelessness; Michael Froehlich, $5,000, intern for Employment Law Center's Workers' Rights Clinic and for East Bay Community Law Center's HIV/

Homeless Outreach Project, clerk for Bay Area Legal Aid; Jennifer Reisch, $5,000, co-president of Berkeley Law Foundation, HIV/Homeless outreach mentor for East Bay Community Law Center, fellow, Legal Aid Society of San Francisco; Sara Zimmerman, $5,000, clerk for Employment Law Center and La Raza Centro Legal, intake worker for Volunteer Legal Services Program; and Mary Beth Kaufman, $2,500, volunteer for Central American Refugee Clinic of the East Bay Sanctuary, researcher to International Human Rights Clinic director.

Golden Gate University School of Law

Sarah Kraemer, $7,500, organizer of Hate Crimes Symposium, law clerk for Environmental Law & Justice Clinic at law school, AmeriCorp volunteer; Loulena Miles, $5,000, intern for Tri-Valley CARES and Defensa de Mujeres and Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellow for Nuclear Accountability; and Robin Salsburg, $5,000, intern for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Sierra Club, chair of Global Recycling Council California, Resource Recovery Association.

University of California Hastings College of the Law

Ellen Fred, $7,500, co-president-elect of Hastings Public Interest Law Foundation, board of directors of South Fork Trinity River Land Conservancy, co-founder, Humboldt Watershed Council; Maya Nordberg, $5,000, intern for Coalition on Homeless and for San Francisco Office of Public De-fender; Kent Sprinkle, $2,500, judicial extern for U.S. District Judge Martin Jenkins, reading tutor and youth leader; and Stephen Tollafield, $2,500, intern for Legal Aid Society/Employment Law Center, BALIF/Pride Law Fund-Richter Fellowship.

John F. Kennedy School of Law

Mia Smith, $2,500, volunteer for East Bay Community Law Center, volunteer mediator for Victims Offenders Reconciliation Project.

Loyola Law School

Blanca Banuelos, $5,000, tutor/ mentor for New Directions for Youth, law clerk for California Rural Legal Assistance and volunteer for Barrio Youth Alternative; James Gilliam Jr., $5,000, co-chair of Public Interest Law Foundation, volunteer and trainer to Public Counsel's General Relief Advocacy Project; and Catherine Sekely, $2,500, clerk for Western Law Center for Disability Rights and intake volunteer for Free Sunday Legal Clinic for First A.M.E. Church.

Monterey College of Law

Lynn Lozier, $5,000, volunteer for CASA Monterey County, speaker/counselor for Monterey County Women's Jail; and Beth Cunningham, $2,500, organizer for voter registration and fundraising drives for striking workers and president, Santa Fe New Mexico Chapter, Hadassah.

Pepperdine University School of Law

Adriana Dulic, $5,000, intern for Pepperdine Adoption Clinic and for Legal Aid Clinic at Union Rescue Mission for the homeless.

University of San Diego School of Law

Katharine Schonbachler, $2,500, school representative on National Association for Public Interest Laws, volunteer interviewer for Berkeley Own Recognizance Project.

Santa Clara University School of Law

Claudia Callwood, $2,500, intern with California Rural Legal Assistance and public interest resource counselor for Santa Clara Law School.

Southwestern University School of Law

Sally Baghdasarian, $2,500, clerk for Bet Tzedek Legal Services, intern for U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration.

Stanford Law School

Julian Mortenson, $7,500, intern for East Palo Alto Community Law Project, public interest mentor to law students, co-president Stanford Law School student body; Holly Telerant, $7,500, co-chair of Public Interest Law Students Association, Street Law teacher for Santa Clara Juvenile Hall; Lynne Echenberg, $5,000, Public Service Fellowship, intern for NAACP Legal Defense & Education Fund, Legal Services for Children and East Palo Alto Law Clinic; Samantha Buckingham, $5,000, teacher and tutor for Maya Angelou Public Charter School for at- risk youth, volunteer legal assistant for Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless; and Jessica Haspel, $2,500, co-chair of Stanford's Public Interest Law Students Association, intern, East Palo Alto Community Law Project.

UCLA School of Law

Andrew Elmore, $7,500, volunteer for El Centro Legal Homeless Youth Clinic, intern for Asian Pacific American Legal Center and community organizer; Kathleen Erskine, $5,000, law clerk for EEOC and for Harriett Buhai Center for Family Law, reading tutor in L.A. County Juvenile Detention Center; Meghan Lang, $5,000, chair of El Centro Legal Homelessness Prevention Clinic, administrator/director of Public Interest Law Foundation; Margaret McLetchie, $5,000, clerk for Inner City Law Center, chair, UCLA Public Interest Law Foundation; and Monica Kane, $2,500, clerk for Immigrant Legal Resource Center, volunteer,  Catholic Legal Immigration Network.

University of San Francisco School of Law

Jaime Gher, $5,000, volunteer for Cooperative Restraining Order Clinic,  volunteer counselor, Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse; Meghan Cunningham, $5,000, intern for USF School of Law Death Penalty Clinic and intern and public speaker for Amnesty International work on human rights violations; Sara Tropea, $5,000, law clerk for L.A. County Public Defender and junior political tracker for EMILY's List; and Yvette Saddik, $2,500, intern for Santa Clara County public defender and mentor for Fresh Lifeline for Youth.

Whittier Law School

Jennifer Sternshein, $5,000, fundraiser for Whittier Public Interest Law Foundation and intern for HIV/ AIDS Legal Services Alliance; Isabel Apkarian, $5,000, volunteer for county Interfaith Shelter for the Homeless, president, Whittier Public Interest Law Foundation; Holly Davis, $5,000, officer for Whittier Law School Public Interest Law Foundation, fellow for law school's Center for Children's Rights; and Andrea Pressler, $2,500, assistant for Washoe County Juvenile Public Defender's Office, AmeriCorp volunteer.