California Bar Journal
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Two new judges named to bar court; Stovitz to preside
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Ronald Stovitz, who has served as a review judge of the State Bar Court since it was created in 1989, was named presiding judge of the bench which oversees attorney discipline.

Stovitz, 59, who currently is serving his third term as a review judge, began a five-year term as the presiding judge Nov. 1, replacing James Obrien, who retired. The appointment was made by the Supreme Court.

The court also appointed two new hearing judges: Patrice E. McElroy was named to a five-year term in San Francisco and Stanford E. Reichert was named to a three-year term in Los Angeles.

The State Bar Court is made up of five hearing judges and three review judges who handle disciplinary proceedings against California attorneys.

Under legislation signed into law last year, the Supreme Court, which formerly appointed all bar court judges, now names five. Elected officials appoint three.

McElroy, 48, is a sole practitioner in San Francisco. A former public defender and staff attorney for the National Center for Youth Law, she now practices juvenile law, specializing in dependency and delinquency proceedings. She replaced Eugene E. Brott.

Reichert, 49, who replaced Michael Marcus, is a research attorney for the San Bernardino Superior Court. He previously worked as a litigator in both small civil firms and as a sole practitioner, and he has been a mediator and a judge pro tem.