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Elder abuse
Award: $1,500,000

Plaintiffs claimed that their father suffered personal injuries as a result of inadequate pain management in the hospital and under the care of defendant. (Bergman v. Chin, Alameda County Superior Court.)

Wrist fracture
Award: $500,000

Plaintiff trucker fractured his wrist while delivering a load and claimed that defendant did not maintain its premises in a safe manner. (Menendez v. Northern Refrigerated Transportation Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court.)

Retaliatory termination
Award: $480,000

An employee at a nursing facility claimed that his termination was punishment for filing complaints about sexual harassment. (Campos v. Paradise Health Care Inc., Butte County Superior Court.)

Invasion of privacy
Award: $177,776

A police officer sued a politician for invading his privacy and defaming him by releasing personal information in a campaign flier. (Hernandez v. City of Inglewood, Los Angeles County Superior Court.)

Tractor brakes fail
Award: $1,200,000

Plaintiff claimed that the brakes on her garden tractor failed because they were defectively designed or negligently maintained or there were inadequate instructions on brake testing. (Suurmeyer v. Sears Roebuck & Co., Northern District Federal Court.)

Ashes commingled
Award: Defense

Two families alleged that the defendant mortuary commingled the decedents' ashes; the mortuary claimed that its handling of the remains exceeded the standards required by state laws. (Stephens v. Fairhaven, Orange County Superior Court.)

Business interference
Award: $8,500,000

A builder of broadcast satellite systems filed suit to block issuance of stock to a competitor, which diluted its interests; defendant prevailed on its cross-complaint for interference with contract. (Loral Aerospace Holdings Inc. v. Intra-space Corp., Santa Clara County Superior Court.)

Mild brain injury
Award: $602,000

Plaintiff claimed that a 10-15 mph rear-end collision caused a mild brain injury, including speech, memory and visual problems. (Czupryk v. Santos, Alameda County Superior Court.)

Disability insurance
Award: Defense

An ophthalmologist sued his disability insurance company for denying his claim for disability based on chronic fatigue syndrome. (Sussman v. UnumProvident Corp., Central District Federal Court.)

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